5 Questions You Should Ask When Choosing An Inflatable Rental Company

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Find The Right Inflatable Bouncer Company When Party Planning

Kid’s party planning is often a difficult and time consuming task. Selecting the right party supply or party rental company can often be the difference between that “nightmare party” and the “best party ever”. With so many party rental companies to choose from how do you know which one to select?

Companies that rent inflatable bounce houses, giant obstacle courses, and inflatable slides are not all created equal. Renting bounce houses is a relatively easy business to get into, so no matter where you’re located there’s sure to be several to choose from. Claims such as: Largest selection …. Lowest prices …. Biggest and Best in the area …. Serving the entire state … Cleanest Pieces …. will all try to influence your decision about which party supply rental company to call. Here are a few things to consider and questions to ask to help make that all important decision a bit easier.

Questions To Ask Yourself and Potential Event Planners

How did you hear about this inflatable rental company?  
Referrals from a trusted source is one of the best ways to find a party plannerDid you just decide to call them just because a printed ad somewhere caught your attention or perhaps they had a paid ad show up first on your Google search results? … or did you hear about them from a friend or relative who used them at their party? Ask your friends with kids if they have even rented an inflatable before or do they know anyone who has? Who did they get it from and were they pleased with not only the inflatable they rented, but with the overall level of service they received. Would they rent from that company again and would they recommend them? Referrals are always a far more reliable source of good information than an advertisement of any type. Seek out referrals from those you know, whether you’re looking to rent just a basic bounce house or a high end super fun inflatable water slide.

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Do they answer the phone when you call?  This may seem like an insignificant thing at first glance, but upon a closer look it often reveals much about a bounce house rental company. If your calls are frequently answered by a machine asking you to leave a message it’s quite likely that you’re dealing with single operator who’s trying to do it all, or perhaps even has another full time job and only rents bounce houses and inflatables part time on the weekends. Is this bad? Maybe or maybe not, but it definitely should be considered and bring some other questions to mind such as: insurance, industry safety knowledge and future levels of customer service expectations. All other things considered equal I would personally much prefer to do business with a company that is full time and knowledgeable about the industry and answers my calls or returns them in a very timely and efficient manner.


Super Fun Inflatables Has Been In Business For 12 YearsHow long has the company been in business?  If a company has been renting inflatables in your area for over 10 years it’s a pretty safe bet that their inflatables are clean, in good condition, competitively priced, and that they have been reliably servicing their customers. After all, if they weren’t, do you think they’d still be in business after 10 years. Longevity does carry some weight in the business world and inflatable party supply companies are no exception to this. Learn about your party supplier! I would trust 10 years + experience in the business far more than any ad from an emerging company claiming to have the “best prices”, “cleanest pieces” and/or “best service” in the area any day of the week.


Super Fun Inflatables Has You CoveredAre they insured?  Current laws in Oklahoma do not require that inflatable event planning companies carry any liability or accident insurance. That “best price” you received may suddenly escalate should a simple accident/injury result in a lawsuit that your homeowner’s policy may not cover, only because the party rental company you selected carried no insurance. Don’t just ask if they carry inflatable rental company insurance, request to see an insurance certificate as proof. If that inflatable delivery guy trips and falls on your property, who’s paying for his injury? Not you I hope.


What is their rain out policy?  Will your deposit be refunded if you cancel because of bad Know Your Inflatable Rental Party Planners Rain Out Policyweather?  Inflatables and rain and/or high winds do mix well. Any rental company that is willing to set up an inflatable in rainy or very windy conditions is placing the rental fee they will receive over the safety of those children who might use the inflatable during such dangerous conditions. Ask yourself … Is that really a company that you want to do business with? Any reputable inflatable rental company will understand that weather conditions are always subject to change. Should weather conditions be adverse on your rental date and force a cancellation ( by you or the rental company ) you should expect to be given the choice of either a full refund of all monies paid or a transfer of your deposit to a new rental date. There should never be a risk of any financial loss because of a weather related cancellation. Make sure the bounce house rental company you select has their weather related cancellation policy outlined on their website, brochure, or rental agreement.

Once you’ve narrowed down the field using the criteria outlined above, then things availability, selection, and price can all be considered. Planning a successful and fun party for kids of any age encompasses much though and foresight. I hope these tips and suggestions concerning selecting a professional inflatable rental company help insure that your next kid’s party will be that “best party ever”.

Bounce Pro Inflatables is a full time professional party rental supply company with 13 years of experience in the party planning industry. We service all of Tulsa County, OK. with clean and fairly priced inflatable rentals including … bounce houses, inflatable water slides & dry slides, combos, giant obstacle courses, plus dunk tank rentals, fun food and concessions machines for rent, an outdoor theater package, and our newest addition …. A Super Fun Photo Booth!

By Mike Nowak of Super Fun Inflatables


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