Operator Training


The safe operation of an inflatable requires a trained operator(s). This document contains a complete set of training instructions for the safe operation of the inflatable(s).

Operator Responsibilities

  • To be stationed at the bottom near the entrance to the inflatable.
  • Observe riders while they are in or on the inflatable. Never leave the inflatable unattended.
  • Strictly enforce all safety rules. Issue warnings to people not following the rules, and ask them to exit the inflatable if they do not comply.
  • Monitor weather conditions and evacuate the inflatable if the wind exceeds 15MPH or there is thunder, lightning, or heavy rain.
  • Only allow the specified maximum number of players on the inflatable at any one time and enforce any size/weight restrictions.
  • Only allow persons of the same age/size group in the inflatable at the same time.
  • Do not allow riders onto the inflatable who are under 3 years old, pregnant, physically or mentally impaired, under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or have a medical condition that would prevent participation.
  • Make sure no one enters with prohibited items (see safety rules)
  • Keep spectators and waiting riders back 3 feet and away from the blower fan.
  • Make periodic checks of the inflatable, the anchoring system, and blower to insure they remain in good operating condition and have not come loose.

Additional Operator Responsibilities for Slides

  • Do not allow more than one person on the ladder at a time
  • Make sure landing area is clear before allowing next rider to slide down

Inflatable Name: _______________________________________

Maximum Wind Speed:                __________ MPH

Maximum Number of Players: _________

Weight Capacity (per player):  _________ LBS

Min/Max Height: _________/_________

Safety Rules

  • Sort riders by size and weight.
  • No shoes, eyeglasses, belts, jewelry, or any sharp objects.
  • No putting water on “dry use only” inflatables.
  • No food, drinks, candy, gum, animals, toys, trinkets, or other objects.
  • No putting baby oil, soap, or any other substances on the inflatable.
  • No climbing on (or bouncing against) the walls, bumpers, roof, or netting.
  • No jumping onto or off the inflatable. No playing on the entrance step.
  • No flips, diving, piling, wrestling, or rough play.
  • No moving or altering the inflatable, the anchoring system, or any of its accessories.
  • Maximum number of players, height and weight restrictions, and additional safety rules may be posted on the inflatable itself. Read and follows those instructions.

Additional Safety Rules for Slides

  • No jumping, diving, or flipping down the slide.
  • No climbing on or running up the slide.
  • Riders must go down feet-first in a seated position
  • Do not slide down until the landing area is clear of other riders. Exit landing area after sliding.

Emergency Procedures

  • Accidental Deflation: If the inflatable starts to lose air, instruct the children sit down. For slides, have the children slide down or climb down the ladder if less than half way up. Assist the children in exiting.
  • Winds over 15 MPH, thunder, lighting, heavy rain: Immediately evacuate all riders out of/off of inflatable. Turn blower off and open any available deflation zippers.


I have read and understand the operator responsibilities, safety rules, and emergency procedures. I agree to be the designated operator for the inflatable(s) provided and to train any additional operator(s) required. I understand that I am solely responsible for the safe operation of the inflatable(s).

I understand that if more than one operator is required for the inflatable(s), or any other person(s) are to act as an operator of the inflatable(s) besides myself, it is my duty to properly train those person(s) and insure that they understand, follow, and enforce all safety rules and carry out all operator responsibilities.

Trainee Name (print) ___________________________________________

Trainee Signature ____________________________________________



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